List of Maps, Ordered by Date

1818 Phillpotts Plan of York
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1787-1805 Plan of the Toronto Purchase
1788 Mann Plan of Torento Harbour with the proposed Town and part of the Settlement plus 1788 Collins Plan of Harbour
1791 Jones An Accurate Plan of a Survey of the River Trent, North [Shore] of Lake Ontario to Toronto
     — plus 1791 Jones: Plan of Eleven Townships fronting on Lake Ontario [...] extending westerly to Toronto
1792 Bouchette Plan of Toronto Harbour — plus 1797 Plan of York Harbour for contrast
1793 Aitken Plan of York Harbour Surveyed by order of Lt. Gov. Simcoe
     — plus 1794 W Chewett: Road & Communication From York to Matchedash on Gloucester Bay
     — plus 1792/7 Smith: [Yonge Street L. Ontario shewing the communications from York to Lake Simcoe ... ]

1797 Smith Plan for the enlargement of York — incl. Russell 2nd Addition
1801 Elmsley: Sketch of a Part of the Town of York
     — plus 1801 Stegmann: Sketch of the part of the Town of York West of Toronto Street 
1802 Chewett Plan of 916 1/4 acres, in the Township of York in Upper Canada—property of the Honble. D.W. Smith
     — plus 1802 Chewett: Plan of Maryville, and CW Jefferys, and F. Poole drawings of Maryville 
1811 Wilmot Plan Shewing the Survey of the land Reserved for Government Buildings, East end of the Town of York
     — plus 1810 Sketch of Lots No 15 & 16 in the Broken Front of the Township of York
1813 Williams Sketch of the ground in advance of and including York Upper Canada
     — plus related 1814 Plan of the town and harbour of York
1816 Nicolls & Duberger Plan of the Fort at York Upper Canada
     — plus accompanying 1816 Plan of the harbour, fort and town of York, & 1823 Durnford Plan of the Fort at York
1817 Smith Plan of York, U.C. & 1818 Plan of the Town of York
1818 Phillpotts Plan of York — various versions, plus 1833 Phillpotts Plan of York, U.C.

EXPANSION: 1820-1850
1827 JG Chewett Plan of the Town of York
     — plus 1830 Surveyor General’s Office: Town of York
1830 JG Chewett: Plan Shewing the Survey of part of the Park East of the Town of York into 1/2 Acre Lots
1833 RH Bonnycastle No.1 Plan of the Town and Harbour of York Upper Canada
1833 Castle: ... merely a Proposed Sketch of an intended addition to the Town of York
     — plus 1834 Castle: Government Second Sale of Lots in the City of Toronto
     — plus 1834 Lizars: Plan of lands, lately surveyed, adjacent to Toronto Garrison
1834 HWJ Bonnycastle/Tazewell City of Toronto: The Capital of Upper Canada
     — plus 1837 Macaulay/Chewett: Toronto
1834 Chewett Plan of the City of Toronto and Liberties plus 1834 Chewett: City of Toronto
1834 Alpheus Todd Engraved Plan of the City of Toronto
1836 Lynn: Plan of Building Lots in Toronto the Property of the Hon. Peter McGill
1837 Hawkins: Toronto Military Reserve [Feb. 1837]
1842 Cane Topographical Plan of the City and Liberties of Toronto

THE BOOM: 1850-1862
1851 JO Browne Map of the Township of York
1851 S Fleming Topographical Plan of the City of Toronto — plus bonus: 1852 Military Reserves Boundaries
1852 Liddy: [I]ncorporated Village of Yorkville in the County of York and Province of Canada
     — plus 1877 James: Map of the Village of Yorkville and Vicinity; & 1878 Cotterell: Map of Yorkville and its Vicinity
ca. 1855 Magnus City of Toronto
     — plus Magnus: Canada West Toronto & 1854 Whitefield: Canada West Toronto & 1851 Granger: Toronto, C.W.
1857 Fleming Ridout & Schreiber Plan of the City of Toronto — plus 1860 Waterlow & Sons Toronto, Canada West
1858 WS Boulton Atlas of the City of Toronto and Vicinity
1858 Unwin Plan of the City of Toronto Sewers — plus related 1888, 1889 and 1901 Interceptor Plans
1858 Ellis Map of the City of Toronto, Canada West
1859 University of Toronto Campus / Queen’s Park [Plan of the University Park]
     — plus 1854 Dennis Plan of part of the City of Toronto [Bellevue] and 1880 Site of the Proposed Parliament Buildings
1860 Tremaine’s Map of the County of York, Canada West
1893: Bird’s Eye View

1862 HJ Browne Plan of the City of Toronto
1865 Jervois: Toronto, Canada West, Shewing Existing & Proposed Defences
1868 Gehle, Fawkes & Hassard: Reconnaissance Sketches of Toronto Area
1872 Wadsworth & Unwin Map of the City of Toronto - Tax Exemptions
1874 Hart & Rawlinson City of Toronto with Fire Limits
1875 Howard: Map of High Park — plus 1894 Ellis: Diagram Showing Electric Railways Connecting Toronto and Swansea 
1876 PA Gross Bird’s Eye View of Toronto
1876 Gascard City of Toronto Bird’s Eye View from the Northern Railway elevator
1878 Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of York — incl. 1878 Cotterell City of Toronto
1878 Copp Clark & Co. Plan of the City of Toronto: Waterworks
     — plus 1876 Plan; bonus map: Toronto Water Works, Island and Harbour; 1818-1841-1882-1911
1879(?) Canadian Railway News: Bird’s Eye View of Toronto plus 1889 Bird’s Eye View of Toronto (revised)
     — plus 1888 Unwin, Brown & Sankey River Don Straightening Plan shewing Lands to be expropriated
1886 Wesbroom: City of Toronto [Bird’s Eye View]
1892 Toronto Railway Company Toronto Street Railway Lines — bonus 1912 Streetcar Routes
1892 Toronto Belt Land Corp. Map of Toronto & Suburbs Shewing the Location of the Toronto Belt Line Railway
     — plus 1891 Bird’s Eye View of the Toronto Belt Line Railway, 1910 Fairbank, & 1890 Belt Line Northern Suburbs
1893 Barclay, Clark & Co. Bird’s Eye View Chromolithograph
1893 Fisk & Co. Street Map of Toronto — plus 1895 Cram Street Map, & 1898 Rand, McNally & Co. Map of Toronto
1902 Sankey Plan of the City of Toronto

Contemporary Maps with Historical Information
     – 1915 Annexation Map & 1967 City of Toronto Annexation Dates
     – 1976(?) Disposition of Crown Lands in the Township of York
     – 2003 City of Toronto Building Construction Dates
     – City of Toronto: Toronto Maps

Miscellaneous Toronto Maps
-- includes: 1848 Cranfield/Owen Plan of Toronto Harbour, 1889 Polk New map of the city of Toronto published for the Toronto City Directory, 1891 Alexander & Cable’s map of the City of Toronto & suburbs, 1895 Foster’s vest pocket map of Toronto, and 1898 Cyclists' Road Map for the County of York Including Portions of Ontario, Peel and Simcoe.

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Goad’s Atlas of Toronto—Online!
Featuring gorgeous, information-rich late Victorian-era (and beyond) fire insurance maps published by Charles Goad. Available editions include: 1884, 1890, 1893, 1899, 1903, 1910, 1913, and 1924. Also posted are the even-more-detailed Insurance Plans of the City of Toronto for the years 1880 and 1889, as well as a bonus article/photo gallery on the Toronto Fires of 1904 and 1895.

Goad’s Atlas of Toronto—Online!

Fort York and Garrison Common Maps
A lovingly-researched collaboration with The Friends of Fort York, this site visually explores the history of the birthplace of Toronto, through a curated series of captioned maps.

Fort York and Garrison Common Maps

External Resources

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Bonus: Toronto Historic Maps, a super useful GIS-enabled comparison tool

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