Resources for Budding Cartographers & Closet Historians

Here’s my collection of useful Toronto-related map resources. If you have a suggestion I should add to the list, let me know!

Goad’s Atlas of Toronto -- Online!
Fort York and Garrison Common Maps

Toronto Historical Map Viewer by Chris Olsen
University of Toronto Map & Data Library
City of Toronto Archives
Toronto Public Library
Ontario Archives
TPL guide to online map sources - a broad source list
Don Valley Historical Mapping Project - wide collection of maps, some with geospatial data!
Wendy Smith’s The TORONTO PARK LOT PROJECT — an exploration of the earliest days of the TOWN OF YORK (a really great meld of interactive technology and history)
Patrick Cain mapping discussion
Toronto Transit maps - TTC Ride Guides and System maps through the years...
Toronto Aerial Photos - 1947 (via U of T)
Open Street Map project [Toronto map]
Canadian Archive of Urban Speculation & Enquiry
Heritage Toronto Exploration Map

If you take pleasure in looking at maps, yet long for something physical to leaf through, I recommend that you find and purchase a copy of Derek Hayes’ Historical Atlas of Toronto. It’s a lovely coffee-table map book with hundreds of maps and expert historical commentary.

If you are serious about discovering what other historical maps are out there of Toronto (and indeed of Upper Canada), you must go to the TRL or NYRL and spend some time looking at Joan Winearls’ Mapping Upper Canada. It is the definitive bibliography for pre-1867 maps.

General Toronto historical resources
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