1836 Lynn: Plan of Building Lots in the City of Toronto the Property of the Hon. Peter McGill

“This plan shows one of the earliest subdivisions north of Lot (Queen) Street. The land was subdivided by the nephew of John McGill, the original owner who built the cottage pictured here. This plan is one of the first to include lanes—an indication that row housing, which requires access at the rear. was anticipated.

Building in this area was slow; an addition to the map shows that an entire block was purchased in 1850 for the site of the Normal School. It is now the site of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. [now Ryerson University -N.]”

- Isobel Ganton & Joan Winearls, MAPPING TORONTO'S FIRST CENTURY 1787-1884

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Map: an 1836 subdivision plan by Robert Lynn of lands held in Toronto by Peter McGill, including where Ryerson sits today

Plan of Building Lots in the City of Toronto the Property of the Hon. Peter McGill. Surveyed September 1836 by Robert Lynn D.P. Surr [Sgd] Robert Lynn P.L.S.
Coloured manuscript; 1 inch to 100 feet

Image via Toronto Public Library: Howard Papers 917 [as this item is held by Special Collections, there’s no catalogue citation]

Sorry for the image quality. This item has not been scanned yet by the TPL, so I resorted to some on-site photography, to serve until that day it arrives at the front of the digitization queue and I can make a substitution. Better than nothing I hope!

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