1852 Liddy: [I]ncorporated Village of Yorkville in the County of York and Province of Canada

“The generous limits of Yorkville at incorporation show that the boom mentality prevailed even in a village so small that its urban landowners could all be listed on the sides of the map. Different patterns of transitional subdivision are evident along Yonge Street and Avenue Road to the west; these patterns had already begun to determine the location of urban streets.

The map, although somewhat resembling folk-art in the representation of the trees and the brickyard, shows the influence of the British Ordnance Survey in the patterning of fields. Note the early idea for a rectangular plan in part of the Rosedale estate (right centre), soon to be superseded by a dramatically different plan.”

- Isobel Ganton & Joan Winearls, MAPPING TORONTO'S FIRST CENTURY 1787-1884

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1852 Survey by GP Liddy of the Village of Yorkville

[I]ncorporated Village of Yorkville in the County of York and Province of Canada. 
Drawn from an actual Survey by G.P. Liddy Late of the Engineering Department of the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain and Ireland. Provincial Land Surveyor, Civil Engineer etc. [Sgd] Geo. P. L[iddy]

Source: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Office of the Surveyor General: SR7017
Copyright:  2013 Queens Printer Ontario
Winearls, MUC no. 2091

Yorkville was incorporated January 1, 1853.

Bonus Yorkville maps for comparison
Twenty years on:

Map of the village of Yorkville and vicinity, compiled from plans & filed in the Registry Office and shewing subdivisions in lots 16 to 28 in the second concession from the bay in the Township of York. 1877.
By: Silias James, P.L. Surveyor. Publisher: Copp, Clark & Co. Lith. Toronto

Image courtesy of Toronto Public Library: T1877/5 Large

Note the 'Town Hall' at Yonge and William (Yorkville). Also observe how topography determines the course of Davenport Road.

Map of Yorkville and its vicinity, 1878
By: Alfred T. Cotterell (pub: Ralph Smith & Co.)
From: 1878 Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of York

Image courtesy of Toronto Public Library: T[1878]/4Msm

Note the City Reservoir (Rosehill), constructed in 1873/4.

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