1878 Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of York

York County Atlas cover featuring a lovely detailed Royal Coat of Arms
of the United Kingdom. Click to expand view.
‘Between 1874 and 1881, approximately forty county atlases were published in Canada, covering counties in the Maritimes, Ontario and Quebec.

Each of the county atlases consisted of a historical text, township and town maps, portraits, views and patrons' directory / business cards. But more important, names of residents were marked on the lots of the township maps in these county atlases [emph. mine]... All of these atlases were sold by subscription. Prominent county residents paid an additional sum to have biographical sketches, portraits and views of their residences or businesses included in the atlases.’

- In Search of Your Canadian Past: Canadian County Atlas Digital Project

‘Illustrated historical atlas of the county of York and the township of West Gwillimbury & town of Bradford in the county of Simcoe, Ont. Toronto: Miles & Co., 1878.’

The following three maps show, respectively, the South West, South East, and North sections of York from the 1878 York County Atlas. Images of York courtesy McGill University. [The fourth map of Toronto courtesy TPL]

While most names are omitted in the core of the city, these maps nevertheless contain exceedingly valuable insights into who owned specific parcels of land in the suburbs.

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South West Part of York
South West Part of York, 1878 Historical Atlas of the County of York

South East Part of York
SE Part of York, 1878 York County Historical Atlas

York - North
Map: North Part of York, 1878 Historical Atlas of the County of York


Map of Toronto, published by Willing & Williamson
Drawn by A.T. Cotterell, C.E. Toronto.
Revised by H.J. & W.A. Browne, P.L.S. Toronto to April 1, 1878
Image courtesy Toronto Public Library: T1878/4Msm
See also: LAC MIKAN 4170046

The above map is identical to the map that appears on p. 10-11 of the Illustrated Historical Atlas, with two differences: No page numbers, and this map says 'Published by Willing & Williamson' instead of 'Published by Miles & Co. Map & Atlas Publishers, Toronto'

For additional maps of York County from the York Historical Atlas, please check out the Canadian County Atlas Digital Project. This excellent project contains information and maps from almost all of the historical Ontario county atlases described above.

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